Moekana Booster Pack-Hiragana Learning Card


Urheber: Danny Choo
Anbieter / Verlag: Culture Japan
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Danny Choo
Culture Japan

Danny Choo teamed up with The Good Smile Company to produce this series of moe flash cards to help you learn the Japanese hiragana alphabet.

The Moekana Booster Pack features 9 new cards and illustrations to expand your hiragana knowledge and power up your moekana game! These Booster cards complement the Moekana hiragana learning cards (sold separately) and enable you to make dakuten and handakuten hiragana in the game.

Specifications Each pack of Moekana Booster Pack Hiragana contains 9 Japanese study cards (all packs contain the same set of cards) each 88mm x 63mm. Made in Japan.

Artikelnummer / ISBN: 4571368440075

Urheber: Danny Choo
Anbieter / Verlag: Culture Japan
ISBN: 4571368440075
Höhe / Breite / Tiefe / Gewicht: 11 x 7,6 x 0,2 cm 25g
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